Photoevents offers a lot of different ways to entertain your guests. The traditional Shoot&Print is well known by now, our greenkey is a threat too and our personalised products like keychains , buttons/badges , photo magnets and photolabels are nothing less than amazing 🙂

But why not consider something more creative ?
Light painting allows your guests to … well , paint with light.
A dark 3m square black box is installed on your event. We provide the LEDpainting tools and a long shutter camera system.
After the guest finishes the light painting , our photographer can add a quick fill-in flash to make the guest visible in the picture. (or not)
Prints can be had immediately or alternatively we publish everything online or distribute through a live on location beamer system for immediate pleasure.
Multiple exposure photography is also possible within this black cube by the way.
Prices are in line with our greenkey solution, but do ask your personalised offer.