Why would you consider me as your Incentive Travel photographer ?

To start with,
and I believe this to be the most important aspect, that I love people, appreciate differences and in general accept who they are and what is. This allows me to blend in with any group in a natural and spontaneous way.
To continue,
with my years of experience as a photographer fully equipped with lightweight professional cameras, portable light studio, small solar charged generators and everything needed to work in remote areas for days without access to the grid.
To conclude,
with the importance of having high quality images that show the beauty of the destination and a series of perfectly lit portraits of the participants that will motivate your ‘other’ employees to perform at their peak to be able to join that next incentive trip.
A good portfolio of photographs will not only enhance the first-class treatment your incentive winners deserve, but will entice the rest of the team and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your next incentive initiative.
While I prefer to work alone, I do have several associate photographers to accompany me when shooting larger assignments.
Whether you are interested in me as your embedded Travel Incentive Photographer or you would like to book a Shoot&Print for your next event, do not hesitate to contact me, or perhaps, further explore my blog on this website to see many examples of recent and past assignments.