Many years ago I developed software to collect images from several online sources including twitter and instagram. While I still offer this as an option, there are better ways to crowdsource images during your event.

A so called hashtag system can only gather images that are posted public and not everybody likes to post private pictures on a public platform. Second, some companies do not even allow eventpictures to go public at all.┬áThird, what happens in Vegas …

The solution ?
A private weblink, only open to the guests.
This link, also available as a QRCode, allows people to take pictures with their smartphones (any model works) and in one simple step to upload the picture in a closed loop to our webprinters. Within seconds those pictures are printed on a central location at the event ready to take home.

And as always, pictures can be branded in any imaginable way.

Our server can handle thousands of uploads per hour while printercapacity starts at 250 pictures/hour up to 2000 pictures/hour.

Ideal for the coming festival season with the additional benefit of being able to channel traffic to your specific location !